Past Trainees

2015 Graduates

Elizabeth Enlow, MD
Research Project: Continuity of care in infancy impacts utilization and preventative care in early childhood
Research Mentor: Scott Lorch, MD, MSCE

Megan Gray, MD
Research Project: Feeding progression in preterm infants
Research Mentor: Soraya Abbasi, MD & Barbara Medoff-Cooper, PhD, RN

Jennifer Handzel, MD
Research Project: Why do children with severe BPD not attend neonatal follow-up care? Parental views of barriers
Research Mentors: Haresh Kirpalani, MBBS, MSCE and Sara DeMauro, MD, MSCE

Kelley Kovatis, MD
Anemia, apnea of prematurity and blood transfusions and the effect of blood transfusions on intermittent hypoxia in VLBW infants
Mentors: Haresh Kirpalani, MBBS, MSCE and Daniel Licht, MD

Carol Lynn O'Dea, MD
Evaluation of prioritization skills in neonatal fellowship trainees
Mentor: Heather French, MD

Tami Stuart, MD
Diet induced obesity alters gene expression in the trophectoderm of mice
Mentor: Rebecca Simmons, MD

Daniel Swarr, MD
Long non-coding RNAs are spatially correlated with transcription factors and regulate lung development
Mentor: Edward Morrisey, PhD

2014 Graduates

Lori Christ, MD
Adolescent stress has sex-specific effects on adult behavior and gene expression in IUGR offspring
Mentor: Teresa Reyes, PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

Hitesh Desmukh, MBBS, PhD
The microbiota regulates neutrophil homeostasis and host resistance to Escheria coli K1 sepsis in neonatal mice
First-authored paper published in Nature Medicine
Mentor: G. Scott Worten, MD

Erik Jensen, MD
Inter-observer reliability of the respiratory examination in premature infants
Mentor: Barbara Schmidt, MD, MSc

Shaon Sengupta, MBBS, MPH
Hyperoxia interacts with circadian disruption to worsen neonatal lung injury
Mentor: Phyllis Dennery, MD

2013 Graduates

Tawia Apenteng, MD
Cost-Effectiveness of Interventions to Improve Neonatal Mortality Rates in Ghana
Mentor: Scott Lorch, MD, MSCE

Shazia Bhat, MD
Sweet Surprise: The Impact of High Fructose Corn Syrup Ingestion on the Development of Adult Obesity
Mentor: Rebecca Simmons, MD

John Flibotte, MD
Neural Oxygen Sensing Modulates Anoxic Injury in C. elegans
Mentor: Robert Kalb, MD

Elizabeth Foglia, MD, MS
Effect of skin pigmentation on the accuracy of pulse oximetry in cyanotic infants
Mentor: Barbara Schmidt, MD, MSCE

Misty Melendi, MD
Cost-effectiveness of Deregionalization of Perinatal Care
Mentor: Scott Lorch, MD, MSCE

2012 Graduates

Amy Cohen, MD
The pain response to mydriatic eye drops in preterm infants
Mentor: Gil Binenbaum, MD

Nicole Bailey, MD
In utero gene therapy and stem cell transplantation for the rescue of alpha thalassemia in mice
Mentor: Alan Flake, MD

Elif Ince, MD
Neuromuscular Development and its Association with Growth and Feeding in Infants with Down Syndrome
Babette Zemel, PhD

Sarvin Ghavam, MD
Umbilical transfusion strategies in extremely low birth weight infants less than 30 weeks gestation: meta-analysis of long term and short term outcomes
Mentor: Haresh Kirpalani, MD, MSc

Daphne Remy, MD, MPH
Social Determinants of Breast Feeding in Philadelphia: An Observational Study
Mentor: Scott Lorch, MD, MSCE

2011 Graduates

Saima Aftab, MD
Selective Neuronal Vulnerability of Neurons in C. Elegans to Hypoxic Insults and the Effects of Environmental Conditions and Genetic Modifiers
Mentor: Robert Kalb, MD

Maria Fraga, MD
In vivo expression of Pepsinogen C in a gene trap mouse model
Mentor: Susan Guttentag, MD

Ann-Johanna Giaccone, MD, MSCE
Quality of Reporting of Neonatal and Infant Trials in High-Impact Journals
Mentor: Haresh Kirpalani, MD, MSc

Jay Patel, MD
Proficiency and Retention of Neonatal Resuscitation Skills by Pediatric Residents Over Time
Mentors: Michael Posencheg, MD & Anne Ades, MD

Ruth Seabrook, MD
miR-205 and alveolar epithelial cell differentiation
Mentors: Qing S. Lin, PhD and Scott Worthen, MD

Kevin Sullivan, MD
Direct Provider Feedback Decreases Narcotic Prescribing Errors in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Mentor: John Chuo, MD

2010 Graduates

Christie Bruno, DO
The effects of nitric oxide on astrocyte phenotype
Mentor: Harry Ischiropoulos, PhD

Moira Crowley, MD
Genomic Imbalances in Fetal and Infant Death: An Increased Rate of Mosaicism
Mentor: Nancy Spinner, PhD

Sara DeMauro, MD, MSc
The role of serial echocardiography to detect an asymptomatic patent ductus arteriosus in very low birthweight infants: a pilot randomized control trial
Mentor: Barbara Schmidt, MD, MSCE

Ursula Guillen, MD
Development and testing of a decision aid for parent facing imminent preterm delivery at the limits of viability
Mentor: Haresh Kirpalani, MD, MSc

Ogechukwu Menkiti, MBBS
Ontogeny of lung inflammation in neonatal mice
Mentor: Scott Worthen, MD

Lakshmi Srinivasan, MBBS
The Impact of Bacterial PCR and Cerebrospinal Fluid Cytokines on the Diagnosis of Bacterial Meningitis in Infants
Mentor: Mary Catherine Harris, MD

Roschanak Mossabeb, MD
Assessment of Language Development and Related Risk Factors in Preterm Infants
Mentor: Soraya Abbasi, MD

2009 Graduates

Kristen Glass, MD
Lung specific progenitor cells in normal and abnormal lung development
Mentor: Cherie Foster, MD

Erika Dennis, MD, MPH
Subjective and Objective Measures of Social Status in a Low Income Population and their Relationship with Maternal Health Outcomes
Mentor: Jennifer Culhane, PhD

Melissa Murray Lestini, MD
Redundant Pathways in Aversive Auditory Memory Consolidation
Mentor: Steve Thomas, MD, PhD

Lindsay Johnston, MD
Opposing regulation of human alveolar Type II cell differentiation by nitric oxide and hyperoxia
Mentor: Harry Ischiropoulos, PhD

Andrew Meyer, MD
Evaluation of the Neonatal Resuscitation Program’s Recommended Chest Compression Depth Using Computerized Tomography Imaging
Anne Ades, MD

Clyde Wright, MD
Hyperoxia-Induced NF-κB Activation Occurs Via a Maturationally Sensitive Atypical Pathway
Mentor: Phyllis Dennery, MD

Last Updated: November 24, 2015