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  1. What Do NICU Fellows Identify as Important for Achieving Competency in Neonatal Intubation?

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    What Do NICU Fellows Identify as Important for Achieving Competency in Neonatal Intubation?

    Neonatology. 2019;116(1):10-16

    Authors: Brady J, Kovatis K, O Apos Dea CL, Gray M, Ades A

    BACKGROUND: Tracheal intubation (TI) is one of the most important interventions for the stabilization of critically ill neonates. Competency in airway management is essential for neonatal fellows. No studies have assessed which educational models, techniques, or instructions are perceived by neonatal fellows as the most beneficial for achieving competency in TI.
    OBJECTIVES: This study identifies which factors are considered most helpful in achieving intubation competency.
    METHOD: This was a mixed-method study. Semi-structured phone interviews addressed training experience for neonatal intubation. Through qualitative analysis, common themes were identified. RedCap electronic surveys and procedure logs were used to assess procedural experience.
    RESULTS: Forty-two fellows from 5 programs completed phone interviews. Fellows recalled 6-10 intubation attempts before fellowship. Independent statements related to achieving intubation competency were analyzed and coded into 5 main themes (Procedure, Practice, Perceptual Environment, Personnel, and Preparation). A large proportion of the statements focused on the use of video laryngoscopy.
    CONCLUSIONS: The themes identified by neonatal-perinatal medicine (NPM) fellows as being the most beneficial in achieving proficiency in neonatal TI are categorized as "The 5 Ps." Careful review of these themes may be utilized to develop validated curriculums that enhance the teaching of TI and optimize the achievement of TI competency among NPM fellows.

    PMID: 30889585 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]